Honor leaks series release with 12.8% higher battery life

Honor is now starting to give a little leak about the series of phones that they are likely to release in the near future, but what is interesting is that the battery capacity is claimed to be 12.8% higher than the current battery technology,

Nowadays, most smartphones are equipped with large battery capacity and better processor support. However, if we look closely, we will find more phones that update the quality of processors, screens, and cameras, less those that increase battery capacity.

Although some major brands have been releasing phones with support for charging up to more than 100W, there are very few that maximize battery capacity, luckily only those that provide support for up to 5,000 mAh. Beyond that

Our expectation of high charging capability must of course be accompanied by its capacity. 5,000 mAh is not a large capacity for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, which is quite crucial.

Honor as a Smartphone production company is now starting to provide a little leak from their cellphone series that is rumored to be released this year, but what is a little surprising is the battery specifications or battery power they offer.

Honor will reportedly release a series of phones with a battery capacity up to 12.8% higher than most Flagship phones today, the company is also rumored to be using Silicon-Carbon Battery technology which was first used in Honor.

Silicon-Carbon Battery technology
Silicon-Carbon Battery technology

With an increase in battery power by more than 12%, we can assume that the Honor series will get the support of a large battery capacity by being able to charge up to 5,450 mAh. Slightly larger compared to the Magic5 Pro which reaches 5,100 mAh battery capacity.

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Honor CEO, George Zhao also said that they are indeed using better battery capacity and technology, Silicon-Carbon is considered to provide up to 240% more capacity, which is more than 3.5V as a battery standard.

Meanwhile, the release of a phone with this large capacity does not seem to be a new thing, because Honor has released the Magic5 Pro in China with the same battery capacity but with different technology.



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