MWC 2023 | Chameleon Coloring Technology Mobile lets you choose the back cover color

Mobile World Congress is always the stage for manufacturers to showcase bold devices to demonstrate what they are capable of. And while OnePlus shows off its liquid-cooled prototype phone and Lenovo explores the rollable screen, Tecno takes smartphone customization to another level with Chameleon Coloring Technology.

The device’s major highlight is its back cover with a rectangular region capable of projecting up to 1,600 colors that can be chosen from an on-screen selection wheel.

This back panel is no ordinary display with LCD or OLED technology. Instead of producing light, it uses the technique of an electrically controlled prism that aligns itself to a grid of sub-micron prism material. As the electric field is changed, the prismatic grid changes direction and alters the wavelength of the substance, producing the desired color and scattering the light over the surface.

The color change made by the material is virtually instantaneous, taking only 0.03 seconds to change the desired shade – and it consumes very little power. According to the manufacturer, changing the color 100 times a day drains the same amount of battery as watching a 5-minute video.

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Because it is a concept smartphone, it is implied that Tecno does not intend to release the device on the market for consumers to enjoy customization. Since the company has not given estimates for an official release, it is even more difficult to predict a price range and release date for the device.

Anyway, the idea is promising and in fact, would be a very interesting way to customize the device without relying on protective covers or a fixed color for the device. Who knows, we may see this technology in future Infinix models in Pakistan since the brand is part of the same group as Tecno?


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