14 Latest Infinix Phone in Pakistan (November 2022)

Infinix is ​​a smartphone brand that has been around for a long time in Pakistan. It’s just that the reverberation of this brand is not so excited among the public. In fact, this brand often launches the Latest Infinix Phone in Pakistan.

Infinix has always been synonymous with Nigeria. Many think that Infinix’s headquarters are from Nigeria. In fact, the real fact is that the brand with the official name Infinix Mobile is headquartered in Hong Kong. Just coincidentally, Nigeria and several countries in Africa are Infinix’s biggest market.

Infinix is ​​under the auspices of Transsion Holdings. This company oversees various smartphone brands. In addition to Infinix, Transsion Holdings also oversees the Tecno and itel mobile phone brands, which coincidentally both also officially present several mobile product lines in Pakistan.

Infinix is ​​also quite famous in the Middle East and also in Asia, including Pakistan. There have been several Infinix mobile lines that are present in Pakistan.

Infinix divides its mobile phone line into three parts, namely the Hot series for the cheap variant, the Note series for the middle variant, and the Zero series as the Infinix Phone flagship aka the high variant of Infinix. In addition to the three series, Infinix also presents the S series which is more devoted to selfie phones.

Well, now you know about Infinix. If you are curious about the Infinix Phone line and intend to buy it, you can take a look at some of the latest Infinix Phone options.

List Of Latest Infinix Phone in Pakistan

1. Infinix Note 12i 2022

Infinix Note 12i 2022
ScreenAMOLED 6.67 inches
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G95
Internal Memory64GB
Camera108 MP (wide) 8 MP (periscope telephoto) 8 MP (ultrawide)
BatteryLi-Po 4500 mAh
PriceRS. 24,999

Infinix’s mid-range series, Infinix Note 12i 2022, is here to complement the Infinix Note 12 series that was already present in 2022. This phone was released at the end of September 2022 by presenting advantages in the large screen sector and AMOLED panels.

Of course, this wide screen also has high pixels, which is 1080 x 2400 pixels. This clearly makes the Infinix Note 12i 2022 one of the best phones to use for watching video content.

Then, how about the game? Infinix Note 12i 2022 is equipped with a Helio G85 chip which is actually standard in performance for its price class. For some competitive games, these chips can still compete. Of course, if a heavy game like Genshin Impact will not be too optimal.

Another advantage of this Mobile phone is 33 watt fast charging. Interestingly, this 33 watt charger is already in the package. For its price class of 24,999 PKR, this mobile phone is still quite attractive because it provides competitive specifications compared to competitors.

2. Infinix Hot 12 Pro

2. Infinix Hot 12 Pro
Screen6.6 inch IPS LCD
ChipsetUnisoc Tiger T616
Internal Memory128GB
Camera50 MP (wide)
BatteryLi-Ion 5000 mAh
Expected PriceRS. 39,999

If you need a gaming mobile phone at an affordable price and already has NFC, the Infinix Hot 12 Pro is definitely the right choice. With a price of only 39,999 PKR, you can freely use NFC to check your eMoney balance whenever you want.

The screen size of this mobile phone is also above average, you know. While the majority use a 6.5-inch screen, this mobile phone presents a 6.6-inch screen at a resolution of 720 x 1612 pixels (HD +). No longer using the MediaTek chipset, the Hot 12 Pro is now powered by the Unisoc Tiger T616.

There is no doubt about its performance, Unisoc T616 is equipped with a Cortex A7x microarchitecture to produce playable frame rates when playing heavy games. Phone performance is also supported by 8 GB of RAM which is quite high for a class of 20k+ phone.

If you are the type of person who often plays games to the point of forgetting the time, the 5,000 mAh battery capacity is also very decent to power strenuous activities for hours. Especially because there is 18 W fast charging. No need to wait up to 3 hours to be able to charge the battery from zero to full.

Anyway, if you’re looking for the cheapest mobile phone with large RAM, powerful chipset, fast battery, and 128GB of storage, the Infinix Hot 12 Pro is guaranteed not to disappoint. Suitable for gaming and other daily activities.

3. Infinix Smart 6

Infinix Smart 6
Screen6.6 inch IPS LCD
ChipsetUnisoc SC9863A (28nm)
Internal Memory32GB
Camera8 MP (wide) 0.8 MP (depth)
BatteryLi-Po 5000 mAh
PriceRS. 21,999

No need to spend a lot of money to be able to have a widescreen smartphone. With only 21,999 PKR, you can take the Infinix Smart 6 with a 6.6-inch screen.

The Infinix Smart 6 is the successor to the Infinix Smart 5. This Mobile phone is here to meet the basic needs of those who spend more time online. Such as students, freelancers, to field workers who need mobile internet access.

There are two aspects that Infinix relies on from this phone. First, is the wide screen with a brightness level of 500 nits. This screen allows the mobile phone to be used outdoors even on a hot day. Second, the battery life.

Armed with a capacity of 5000 mAh, the Infinix Smart 6 battery is claimed to last up to 31 hours in a phone scenario. For performance, the Unisoc SC9863A chipset, 2 GB of RAM, and the Go edition of the Android operating system are enough to make this mobile phone smoothly used to carry out various tasks, as long as there are not many applications open.

This phone is suitable for anyone with a minimal budget but wants to experience the latest Android phone; with adequate features and immersive immersion while watching movies.

4. Infinix Note 12 VIP

Infinix Note 12 VIP price in Pakistan
ScreenAMOLED 6.7 inches
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G96
Internal Memory128GB, 256GB
Camera108 MP (wide) 13 MP (ultrawide) 2 MP (depth)
BatteryLi-Po 4500 mAh
PriceRS. 56,000
See Detailed Specifications

Infinix is ​​never satisfied in surprising the public. After creating a commotion by launching the Infinix Zero X Pro – a phone with a telescope camera – they launched the Infinix Note 12 VIP. In terms of SoC, this Mobile phone may be less attractive if it is priced at RS. 56,000

However, the premium design and 120W fast charging capabilities make this price range reasonable for this mobile phone. 120W fast charging is claimed to be able to create a short charging duration, only 17 minutes from 0-100%

In addition to the design and charging, what makes the Infinix Note 12 VIP interesting is the AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Then a complete camera configuration, 2K video recording capabilities on the front and rear cameras that are rarely found in their price class.

5. Infinix Hot 12

5. Infinix Hot 12
Screen6.82 inch
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G85
Internal Memory128GB
Camera13 MP (wide) 2 MP (depth) 0.2 MP (AI)
BatteryLi-Ion 5000 mAh
PriceRS. 34,000

Infinix Hot 12 is marketed to satisfy the thirst of popular game players such as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile. Of course, this mobile phone can handle these games stably at high frame rates.

That’s because Infinix is ​​able to maximize the potential of the MediaTek Helio G85 SoC on the Infinix Hot 12. It’s not wrong if some people say that Infinix is ​​MediaTek’s “handler”. The gaming experience is even more fun considering that the IPS screen of the phone supports a 90 Hz refresh rate, so the animation display can be smoother.

Besides being reliable for playing games, this mobile phone is also smooth for daily use. Its multitasking capabilities are good thanks to 6 GB of RAM. Even the RAM can be increased up to 11 GB through the Extended RAM feature. This mobile phone comes in two elegant-looking color options: Legend White and Racing Black.

6. Infinix Hot 12 Play

Infinix Hot 12 Play
Screen6.82 inch
ChipsetUnisoc T610
Internal Memory64GB
Camera13 MP (wide) 2 MP (macro) 2 MP (depth)
BatteryLi-Po 6000 mAh
PriceRS. 29,000

The Infinix Hot 12 Play is introduced as a phone that is suitable for gaming enthusiasts and those who need a durable mobile phone to use for a long time. So do not be surprised, the specifications offered are focused on the screen, chipset and battery.

However, there are a number of specifications that are maintained so that this mobile phone is comfortable to use by all users. Infinix presents a large 6.82-inch IPS screen with HD + resolution.

The advantages of this Infinix Phone screen are the presence of a 90 Hz refresh rate and 180 Hz touch sampling. For mobile phone priced below 29,000 PKR, this screen is quite good at displaying smooth animations and is more responsive for playing games.

Turning to the kitchen runway, Infinix added a virtual RAM enhancement feature of 3 GB to support 4 GB of native RAM and the UNISOC Tiger T610 chipset. This kitchen runway is more comfortable to use with a 6000 mAh battery and support for the XOS 10.0 system based on Android 11.

The shortcomings of this mobile phone can be seen in the camera section. Because Infinix only installs a 13 MP main camera with a 2 MP depth camera.

7. Infinix Note 12

Infinix Note 12
ScreenAMOLED 6.7 inches
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G96
Internal Memory128GB, 256GB
Camera50 MP (wide) 2 MP (depth) MP (AI)
BatteryLi-Po 5000 mAh
PriceRS. 42,000

Infinix Note 12 has a similar appearance to the VIP version. Incidentally, both of them are both elegant in design. Even so, the rear camera arrangement of the two phones is different. High refresh rate support, 120W fast charging, and an ultrawide camera are also not present on this Mobile Phone.

These are the reasons why the Infinix Note 12 is cheaper than the VIP version. Nevertheless, this phone is still interesting to have. The reason is, the Infinix Note 12 has a solid gaming performance because it uses a powerful MediaTek Helio G96 SoC.

This Mobile phone is also comfortable to watch movies. The combination of the signature AMOLED display and stereo speakers can create an immersive atmosphere. Interested in asking for a Mobile Phone with video recording capabilities up to 2K resolution?

8. Infinix Hot 12i

Infinix Hot 12i
Screen6.6 inch IPS LCD
ChipsetMediaTek Helio A22
Internal Memory64GB
Camera13 MP (wide) 0.2 MP (AI) 0.2 MP (AI)
BatteryLi-Ion 5000 mAh
Current PriceRS. 28,249

Infinix takes advantage of the Ramadan 2022 moment to release new products. The product in question is a 28K Mobile phone called the Infinix Hot 12i. This Mobile Phone is the first Mobile Phone from the Hot 12 Series family to launch in Pakistan.

There are several points highlighted by Infinix from this Phone. First is the battery which has a capacity of 5000 mAh. The battery is supported by Power Marathon technology and is claimed to last for 150 hours when used to play songs.

The second thing that is interesting from this Phone is the Smart Memory Management technology. With this technology, video and photo file sizes can be compressed, while useless files are cleaned up immediately. That way, the storage space on the Mobile Phone with the MediaTek Helio A22 SoC can be maximized.

In addition, the Infinix Hot 12i comes with the Mega RAM feature. Enabling this feature can make the phone have additional RAM up to 3 GB. As a result, in theory the phone has 7 GB of active RAM. The size can certainly improve the performance of the phone, especially for multitasking.

9. Infinix Zero 5G

Screen6.78 inch IPS LCD
ChipsetMediaTek Dimensity 900
Internal Memory128GB
Camera48 MP (wide) 13 MP (telephoto) 2 MP (AI)
BatteryLi-Po 5000 mAh
PriceRS. 49,999

Infinix Zero 5G is Infinix’s first 5G phone to be officially released in Pakistan. This phone will be equipped with Dimensity 900 as made by MediaTek with 6 nm fabrication. In addition, this chipset is considered very compatible with the Infinix Zero 5G because it has also supported the 5G network in it.

The chipset is then combined with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. In addition, to support mobile phone performance, Infinix Zero 5G has been equipped with a battery with a fairly large battery capacity of 5000 mAh and is supported by a fast charging feature or fast charging 33 W.

For the screen itself, the Infinix Zero 5G uses a 6.78-inch IPS LCD panel that supports a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240 Hz. This is sure to be able to provide a smoother, more comfortable, and very responsive visual experience while playing mobile phones.

Infinix Zero 5G also has quite capable camera specifications. There are three cameras on the back consisting of a 48 MP main camera capable of 30x magnification, a 13 MP portrait camera, and a 2 MP depth camera. While on the front there is a selfie camera with a fairly large resolution of 16 MP.

10. Infinix Hot 11 Play

Infinix Hot 11 Play
Screen6.82 inch IPS LCD
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G35
Internal Memory64GB, 128GB
Camera13 MP (wide) MP (AI)
BatteryLi-Po 6000 mAh
Current PriceRS. 26,000

Infinix is ​​a specialist in making 20k PKR Mobile Phone. For example, the Infinix Hot 11 Play which was released at a price of RS. 26,000. This phone offers a large 6.82-inch screen which is great for watching movies. Moreover, the battery is also large, 6000 mAh, making the eyes cannot be separated from the smartphone screen.

The design of this Mobile Phone is also quite okay with a sturdy build quality in the style of an Infinix smartphone. Regarding photography, Infinix now has a good algorithm for composing color compositions. You can rely on the rear camera and front camera of this Mobile Phone to capture important moments.

Interestingly, both the rear camera and the front camera are equipped with a flash. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate to take pictures even in dark conditions. The performance of this Mobile Phone is also quite okay thanks to the MediaTek Helio G35 SoC. As long as it’s not used to play super heavy games, this SoC can still provide a smooth operating experience.

11. Infinix Smart 6 HD

Infinix Smart 6 HD
Screen6.6 inch IPS LCD
ChipsetMediaTek Helio A22
Internal Memory32GB
Camera8 MP (wide) 0.8 MP (AI)
BatteryLi-Po 5000 mAh
PriceRS. 21,000

Infinix Smart 6 HD is an updated series of Infinix Smart 6. This series is also an alternative for potential buyers who need a cheap Infinix Mobile Phone without NFC. Considering that there is also an Infinix Smart 6 NFC which is officially present to Pakistan.

The Infinix Smart 6 HD itself basically has specifications similar to the Infinix Smart 6. However, the Infinix Smart 6 HD offers a rear camera with a combination of 8 MP camera and a QVGA camera. While the Infinix Smart 6 offers a combination of an 8 MP camera and a depth camera.

Another differentiator is that the Infinix Smart 6 HD does not have a fingerprint sensor. While the Infinix Smart 6 HD has a fingerprint sensor on the back.

So, what are the HD frills on this phone? It turns out that this refers to the ability of the Infinix Smart 6 HD screen which can reach a peak brightness level of 500 nits. This means that the Infinix Smart 6 HD screen can still be seen clearly when the screen is exposed to sunlight. While the Infinix Smart 6 only has a typical 500 nits (not peak) brightness that is bright in the room.

12. Infinix Note 11

Infinix Note 11
ScreenAMOLED 6.7 inches
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G88
Internal Memory64GB
Camera50 MP (wide) 2 MP (depth) 0.3 MP (AI)
BatteryLi-Po 5000 mAh
priceRS. 27,000

Not everyone needs high performance. As long as the phone can provide smooth daily performance, that’s enough. Likewise the Infinix Note 11. This phone is more than adequate to handle casual tasks thanks to the MediaTek Helio G88 SoC. Even the occasional game play is fine.

Interestingly, Infinix embeds AMOLED panels into the display sector of this Phone. The Infinix Note 11 is also one of the 27,000 PKR. Mobile Phone that already carry this panel. As a result, those of you who like to watch movies will be spoiled by the smooth color reproduction of the AMOLED screen, especially since the resolution is Full HD +.

It’s even more fun because the Infinix Note 11’s sound output is fairly steady. That’s thanks to the stereo speakers. Another essential thing that Infinix offers on this Mobile Phone is the ability to charge quickly. Yes, this Phone 5000 mAh battery is supported by 33W fast charging technology.

13. Infinix Note 11 Pro

Screen6.95 inch IPS LCD
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G96
Internal Memory128GB
Camera64 MP (wide) 13 MP (telephoto) 2 MP (depth)
BatteryLi-Po 5000 mAh
PriceRS. 34,799

Infinix has a series that is intended for jumbo screen fans. One such series is the Infinix Note. In November 2021, Infinix launched three new phones for this series, one of which is the Infinix Note 11 Pro. The 6.95-inch IPS LCD screen is the flagship.

However, the screen is not an ordinary IPS LCD. Because Infinix immerses support for a 120 Hz refresh rate with a touch sampling rate of 180 Hz. This means that this screen can display animations that are smooth and deft in responding to touch. This screen is also safe because it has a low blue light emission certification from TUV Rheinland.

Armed with this screen, this Mobile Phone is definitely an option for those of you who like to watch movies. Moreover, its speakers are configured in stereo. Beyond that, the Infinix Note 10 Pro has advantages such as a fast MediaTek Helio G96 SoC, 33W fast charging, and a 64 MP f/1.7 main camera.

14. Infinix Hot 11

Infinix Hot 11
Screen6.6 inch IPS LCD
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G70
Internal Memory64GB
Camera13 MP (wide) 2 MP (depth)
BatteryLi-Po 5200 mAh
PriceRS. 20,999

Infinix opens a new chapter on the Hot Series mobile journey by launching the Infinix Hot 11 in October 2021. As with previous Hot Series phones, this phone is aimed at filling the middle class segment. Infinix also set the price of this Mobile Phone to be quite affordable, which was RS. 20,999 when it was released.

The price is in accordance with the features and specifications it carries. Some of the highlights are a wide screen with a 6.6-inch Full HD + span, a large 5200 mAh battery, and a MediaTek Helio G70 mid-range gaming SoC. Infinix claims, the battery that the phone carries can last up to 14 hours to play games.

One cool thing you can find in this phone is the stereo (dual) speakers with DTS presets. In the price class of less than 30,000 PKR, not many Mobile Phone carry stereo speaker configurations. The photography sector on this phone is supported by two rear cameras with a 13 MP main lens and an 8 MP rear camera.

That’s the explanation about the latest Infinix Mobile Phones that you can make a choice. The Infinix brand is still underestimated in Pakistan, but its quality can be compared to other Chinese Mobile Phone. Which Infinix Phone caught your attention?

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