10 Pros and Cons of Infinix Note 12 2023

Signalpk- Despite carrying the number 2023 in its name, the Infinix Note 12 (2023) has in fact been released since October 2022. This Mobile phone is present as a refreshed product from the original Infinix Note 12 which was released in the first quarter of 2022.

Although it is a repeat product, there are quite a lot of improvements that are presented in this 2023 variant. Comes with a new and fresh design, the 2023 variant seems ready to enter the new year as a trendsetter.

We can even still recommend early Infinix Note 12 users to move to this variant. With a new chipset that is more power efficient and has high performance, the Infinix Note 12 (2023) will become a more worthy Phone to meet your lifestyle standards.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this Infinix Note 12 (2023)? A summary of the pluses and minuses can be seen in the following table.

  • Full HD + Screen with AMOLED panel, Has an Okay Display
  • Powerful Performance Thanks to the Helio G99 Chipset
  • 50 MP Camera Resolution with Adequate Shots
  • Long Battery Life + 33 W Fast Charging
  • NFC Available
  • Good Stereo Speaker Quality
  • Unique and Fresh Body Design
  • No Ultrawide Sensor
  • No High Refresh Rate
  • No IP Rating and Gorilla Glass

Pros and Cons of Infinix Note 12 2023

If you want to know the Infinix Note 12 (2023) detailed advantages and disadvantages, take a closer look at the plus and minus of the Infinix Note 12 (2023) after the following specification information.

Specifications of Infinix Note 12 (2023)

10 advantages and disadvantages of Infinix Note 12 (2023)
ScreenAMOLED 6.7 inches
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G99
Internal Memory128GB, 256GB
Camera50 MP (wide) 2 MP (depth) MP (AI)
BatteryLi-Po 5000 mAh
detailed SpecsRead More..

Advantages of Infinix Note 12 (2023)

Want to know what makes this Infinix Note 12 (2023) worthy of being loved in the middle class segment? Just look at a series of advantages points below.

1. Full HD+ screen with AMOLED panel

infinix note 12 2023 display

The quality of AMOLED panels is always interesting to appreciate on a phone for RS.50000 Pkr. The reason is, there are still quite a lot of Infinix Note 12 (2023) competitors who still use IPS LCD panels.

Because of this AMOLED panel, the cellphone screen has a more vibrant color accuracy level while having a more adequate brightness for viewing and content consumption purposes.

The screen size is even above the average, which is 6.7 inches at Full HD + resolution. So, users can use their cellphones as a decent viewing tool, especially when watching alone with friends or partners.

The aspect ratio that it carries is 20:9 with a pixel density of around 393 ppi ( pixels per inch ). This smartphone screen comes with a standard 60 Hz refresh rate.

the quality of the AMOLED Display screen on the Infinix Note 12 (2023) has a deep black color and good color reproduction. The phone display supports HDR when watching videos on YouTube, but cannot enable HDR on the Netflix platform.

In addition, it is also mentioned that the smartphone screen supports the 100% DCI-P3 color gamut which is actually the most ideal for cinema activities. So, if you are looking for a phone with a screen that displays biting colors, the Infinix Note 12 (2023) could be an option

2. Powerful Performance Thanks to the Helio G99 Chipset

note 12 2023 Helio G99 Chipset

It’s a relief to see smartphone vendors offering upgrades to their refreshed phones. This time, the Infinix Note 12 (2023) comes with the Helio G99 chipset which offers a significant performance spike compared to the Helio G88 in the 2022 version.

This is even more impressive considering the Infinix Note 12 Helio G96 variant has also been launched in 2022. The author assumes that Infinix will continue to use the Helio G96 in the 2023 variant and gets away with it. In the midst of the scarcity of chipset issues, this is indeed not an impossible phenomenon.

Well, how much good influence does the Helio G99 have on this Infinix Note (2023)? First of all, this chipset features a power-efficient 6nm fabrication. This is the first Helio G series to offer such a small fabrication. Previously Helio G96 only had 12 nm fabrication.

Infinix said that the Helio G96 has 10% lower power consumption than the 12 nm chipset. Genshin Impact, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile are also said to consume 6% less power.

Although it has a processor configuration similar to the Helio G96, you will find a higher clock speed on the Helio G99, which is 2.05 GHz vs. 2.2 GHz.

This chipset also now supports Full HD + displays with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, and is able to support the main camera with a resolution of up to 108 MP. However, it is up to the vendor to take advantage of these capabilities or not.

Comes with two high performance cores in the form of Cortex A76 (2.2 GHz) and six high efficiency units of Cortex A55 (2.0 GHz), Helio G99 is also embedded with a graphics processing card (GPU) in the form of Mali G57 MC2.

Based on information from NanoReview, the AnTuTu v9 Helio G99 score reached 371,302 points. This score is 15% higher than the Helio G96 which achieved 322,881 points.

The device is paired with 8 GB of large RAM and two internal memory options, namely 128 GB and 256 GB. So that the internal storage contains more games and applications, you can put music, photo, and video files on the microSDXC. The reason is, the device provides a separate external memory slot that supports up to 256 GB capacity.

With the Extended RAM feature, the device can borrow up to 5 GB of internal memory storage, bringing the total RAM to 13 GB. Infinix Note 12 (2023) also comes with a series of gaming features called Monster Game Kit.

Monster Game Kit includes a graphic enhancement feature that can improve the graphics quality in the game. You can also take advantage of XArena which brings performance improvements, as well as being able to block notifications and incoming calls while playing games.

Infinix Note 12 (2023) also provides a more stable touch sensation, using a linear motor tactile system with 4D vibration. Every touch in the game will feel more real and immersive, offering a unique and different experience.

Despite being present in the middle price range, the Infinix Note 12 (2023) is packed with a cooling system that is so adequate. This cooling system includes 10 layers of graphite with a heat radiation area of ​​over 15885 sq mm. Infinix claims this cooling system can lower the core temperature by up to 7 degrees Celsius.

Based on testing by Zenthegeek.tech, this phone can play Mobile Legends with a constant frame rate at 56-60 FPS, at maximum graphics settings. As for more demanding games like COD Mobile, the game is very smooth because it gets a stable frame rate at 55-60 FPS.

Through the YouTube video uploaded by TrendGrnd, we can find out that Infinix Note 12 (2023) can play Genshin Impact on High settings.

There are some occasional frame drops, and it’s not completely smooth 60 FPS. But overall it still offers an okay experience. He suggests lowering the graphics to get a higher frame rate.

3. 50 MP Camera Resolution with Adequate Shots

infinix note 12 2023 camera

Similar to the Infinix Zero 20 which was launched in the middle price range, the Infinix Note 12 (2023) also features a 50 MP resolution as the main camera.

The 50 MP camera comes with a wide-angle f/1.6 aperture and PDAF. As a companion camera, there is a 2 MP (f/2.4) lens as a depth sensor and a QVGA camera. The Triple Camera configuration on this mobile phone has not changed from the Infinix Note 12 which was launched in 2022.

Interestingly, the rear camera supports 2K aka 1440p recording at 30 FPS. To assist lighting when shooting, there is a Quad-LED Flash feature.

2K recording is not only supported on the rear camera, but also on the front camera. Bringing a 16 MP selfie sensor in the form of a waterdrop notch design, you can do vlogging at 1440p resolution at 30 FPS speed. The following are some sample photos from the Infinix Note 12 camera (2023).

infinix note 12 2023 camera
img-Source: Zenthegeek
img-Source: Zenthegeek
2x Zoom
img-Source: Zenthegeek
Selfie portrait

Looks like there’s nothing to complain about with daylight shooting by default (pixel binning 4-in-1 aka Quad Bayer), resulting in 12.5 MP image output. The details displayed are quite awake, and the colors are quite out and lit.

Maybe if there’s anything to complain about, it’s the dynamic range. The camera seems unable to display photos of the sky perfectly. The separation between the sky and the clouds looks rather subtle, both on the rear and front cameras.

The digital zoom is done twice leaving the photos that are quite okay. Of course there is a drop in detail here. After all, this is a digital zoom and not an optical zoom.

The selfie portrait feature works quite well in producing an aesthetic bokeh effect. However, apparently the separation between subject and background does not occur accurately. There is a part of the subject that “leaks” and becomes blurred too. But this can only be seen if you look closely. Overall, it’s still okay.

The night mode feature also performs its function well for the middle price class. Lighting, detail, and dynamic range become more stable than the usual mode. Overall, the author can still recommend this camera phone.

4. Long Battery Life + Fast Charging 33 W

infinix note 12 2023 battery

It seems that it is no longer surprising to hear the news that the Infinix Note 12 (2023) comes with a 5,000 mAh battery. After all, this capacity has become the standard in the smartphone world. Almost all phones from various price segments use a 5,000 mAh battery. This Phone is no exception.

The original Infinix Note 12 in 2022 also comes with the same battery. What will be a differentiating factor is the power efficiency provided by the chipset. As previously explained, the Helio G99 comes with a 6 nm fabrication which will make the battery last longer.

Zenthegeek.tech reveals that the smartphone can last up to two days on a single charge. The Tech Chap also agrees with this battery life. After almost a week of use, the battery always leaves 25% at the end of the day.

Furthermore, according to him, the Infinix Note 12 2023 can last up to one and a half days on casual use. The phone is also packed with a 33W charger, which can charge up to 50% in half an hour.

The combination of battery and fast charging was adopted from the Infinix Note 12 in 2022. A combination that already fits the price of around 50k pkr. But if you want to exchange battery power a little for faster charging, you can choose the Infinix Zero 20 with a 4,500 mAh battery and 45 W fast charging.

5. NFC available

In the past, NFC was often considered an unwanted feature in the Pakistani market. That’s why, the vendors at that time eliminated NFC on products released to the country.

Now, NFC is no longer an exclusive feature on flagship phones, because there are many affordable phones with NFC available in the Pakistani market. Was absent on the Infinix Zero 5G and Infinix Note 12 G96, now NFC is back on the Infinix Zero 20 and also the phone being discussed now: Infinix Note 12 2023.

In short, Near Field Communication or commonly abbreviated as NFC is present as a means of digital transactions. Basically, every NFC feature allows users to check and top up eMoney balances without having to go to minimarkets or ATMs.

Well, the NFC owned by the Infinix Note 12 2023 is quite different because it carries the NFC Multifunctions feature. In addition to eMoney contents, mobile phones can also be used to “copy” access card data. So, users can use their mobile phones to unlock apartments or offices.

In addition to NFC, other connectivity features are also present such as Bluetooth, A-GPS, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac ( Dual Band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), and also FM Radio. Infinix Note 12 2023 also provides USB Type-C 2.0 which supports OTG ( on-the-go ) interface. That is, the port can detect flash and external hard drives.

6. Good Quality Stereo Speaker

Infinix Note 12 2023 is specially designed as a gaming phone. Therefore, in addition to presenting a bright AMOLED panel, the device is also equipped with a pair of stereo speakers located above and below the body.

Infinix collaborates with Hi-Res to deliver good sound quality. Zenthegeek.tech says that the speaker quality on this phone is above average, offering both Hi-Res and DTS compatibility.

The sound quality produced is better than the average affordable cell phone, but the sound is less punchy and the treble is not as good.

Apart from that, the sound of the speakers is still worthy of appreciation considering its competitors who often offer poorer audio. In fact, some other phones still come with mono speakers only.

For those of you who like wired earphones, the Infinix Note 12 2023 still offers a 3.5mm audio port so you don’t need an adapter anymore. With all of these things, the Infinix Note 12 2023 will become a viewing companion that will not only spoil the visual side, but also the audio.

7. Unique and Fresh Body Design

infinix note 12 2023 Body Design

This time, Infinix really decided to go big on the design side. No more generic camera setups that are often found on almost all smartphones. While the 2022 version of the Infinix Note 12 comes with a rectangular camera bump that contains one large lens and two small lenses, the 2023 version presents a different one.

Yes, the Infinix Note 12 2023 comes with one large lens sphere that contains all three cameras at once. Automatically, this makes it look like a mirrorless or DSLR camera.

The large lens sphere occupies more than half of the upper portion, covered by a rectangular field that extends from the left to the right. Below the circle, there is an LED light.

This Phone Infinix carries the Ultra Sleek Design because it has a thickness of only 7.8 mm. This is to make it easier for users to hold the phone with only one hand. For its own weight, the device weighs 195 grams.

The frame and rear body are made of tough polycarbonate plastic material. However, unfortunately there are no IP and Gorilla Glass certifications available so you are advised to be more careful not to drop them.

There are at least three color variants that you can choose from, namely Volcanic Gray, Tuscany Blue, and Alpine White. Infinix’s decision to make the design fresher was the right decision. Now, the phone looks more unique and premium. In fact, people who see it will at first glance think that this is a high-end phone.

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Disadvantages of Infinix Note 12 (2023)

The competition for the Around 50K PKR price class is a bit fierce. Therefore, there are other options that are better than this Phone. The following are some of the things that make the Infinix Note 12 (2023) less competitive.

1. No Ultrawide Sensor

The Infinix Note 12 2023 camera is indeed capable of producing good photos to share on social media. However, the phone only has one camera that really contributes to photo shooting. The rest is just a depth camera ( depth ) and also a QVGA camera.

It would be nice if the smartphone was equipped with an ultrawide camera to be able to take pictures with a higher angle. There are countless smartphones in the 40k-50 pkr price class that already use ultrawide, and this makes the Infinix Note 12 2023 less competitive in the field of photography.

2. No High Refresh Rate

Just like the original Infinix Note 12, this 2023 variant also doesn’t feature a high refresh rate on the screen. This seems to be something that must be paid to get an AMOLED panel.

Apart from this, there are actually a number of rival phones that offer AMOLED and 90 Hz refresh rates at once, call it the POCO M4 Pro. In fact, the Redmi Note 11 Pro is equipped with a 120 Hz refresh rate at a price of Rs.50,000.

For those of you who have never experienced a high refresh rate, it probably won’t be a problem. But for those who move from smartphones with 90 Hz mode, of course they will notice a decrease in screen movement. And this can be annoying.

3. No IP Rating and Gorilla Glass

A number of competitors for this cellphone have presented IP Rating certification to avoid the risk of damage due to exposure to water. The most common IP rating that Phone has in the middle class is IP53 which can protect the cellphone from splashing water. IP53 is owned by POCO M4 Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro.

In addition to IP Rating, the phone should also be protected by Gorilla Glass so that the screen is more resistant to the risk of scratches or cracks when dropped. Because it doesn’t have Gorilla Glass, the Infinix Note 12 2023 screen will be more susceptible to damage, unless you use tempered glass.


Infinix Note 12 (2023) presents specifications that are quite superior and unique at a release price of 218 euros, aka Rs. 50,000 Pkr. Using a more powerful and power-efficient chipset, it allows users to play games more smoothly and for longer.

As for the screen side, this mobile phone offers an okay visual experience because it has an AMOLED panel that is not only colored, but also has a large size. The phone also features NFC Multifunctions, which is nice to have to support the metropolitan lifestyle of young people.

Specially designed for gaming, its 5,000 mAh battery can last up to two days of use, and can be charged quickly using 33 W fast charging. Everything is packaged in a sleek and attractive body design, featuring a thin body for comfortable use and an elegant appearance.

If only this phone came with an ultrawide camera, I personally do n’t need to hesitate anymore to buy it right away. The absence of an ultrawide sensor will be a barrier for photographers in producing their best work.

The absence of a high refresh rate will also give the impression of “less” in carrying out daily activities on the mobile phone. Especially for those who are used to 90 Hz, going back to 60 Hz feels so uncomfortable.

Infinix Note 12 (2023) will be suitable for those of you who crave powerful performance in the mid-range range. Overall, this mobile phone is worthy enough to be one of the candidates for a mobile phone that is worth having.

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